With hidden features exposed, Pinterest quickly rolls out user blocking and other updates

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The third most requested feature on Pinterest is the ability to block users from following or seeing pins. The feature, according to Pinterest, has been in the works for awhile. By chance, Pinterest marketing company Pinleague discovered today that the ability to block users was hidden from sight but there nonetheless. We can assume that the Pinterest team was testing out the new feature behind the scenes prior to its release, but now it’s announced and publicly available for users.

Before the announcement however, you could access the feature by simply editing Pinterest’s source code using your browser, which would surface the blocking feature. After hearing about the loophole, we headed straight to our own Pinterest page, but by that time the team was wise to our ways and had already released the blocking tool.  

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Pinterest maintains a section on its site where users can offer new feature suggestions. The popularity of features is gauged by user votes, and developers take the feedback into consideration before deciding on what should or shouldn’t be implemented. The block user suggestion was ranking quite high, but is now nowhere to be found.

blog post by Dannie Chu, Pinterest software engineer, explains the block feature’s integration, among other updates.

“Blocking prevents both of you from being able to follow each other’s boards as well as like, repin, and comment on each other’s pins. When you block someone, the other person is not automatically notified. However, a blocked person will know they’ve been blocked if he or she tries to follow you or interact with your pins.”

To block a user, you just need to hover over the flag icon on the bottom right corner of a user’s profile. At the very bottom of the box that pops up, you’ll see a bright red button for “Block [username].” According to Pinterest, you might not yet see the flag icon on its desktop app but it’s going to be rolling out shortly to all users. As for its mobile app, the block and report a user will appear in the next mobile update.

In addition to blocking, the team has launched a feature that will now enable you to report users, and not only individual pins. The report feature comes with a selection of types of reports you can file from “nudity or pornography” to “spam.” The “report user” feature was the eighth most popular feature requested by users and in fact hasn’t been taken down from the request page as of press time. It’s surely a tool that will help Pinterest and graphic artists fight copyright issues that plague that site; if a user is a repeat offender, now their account status and not just guilty pins will be punished. 

The last new update enables users to have greater control over settings to let you further filter the types of emails that you receive from Pinterest.

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