Buckingham Palace seeks Twitter royalist to tweet for Queen and country

buckingham palace seeks twitter specialist the queen tweets
It seems the queen of England simply doesn’t have the time to get to grips with this newfangled thing called social media. Like most of the irritating chores around Buckingham Palace, the British monarchy is now on the hunt for someone to manage its Twitter accounts.

The right person for the job could earn themselves £50,000 ($72,000) per annum, according to the job vacancy. With over two million followers across several official Twitter and Facebook accounts, managing the Royals’ “digital communications strategy” is a high-profile task, to say the least.

A quick glance at the accounts for the British Monarchy, Kensington Palace, and Clarence House indicates that the content usually involves glossy pics of the Royals’ globetrotting exploits, complete with unique hashtags and positive messages.

Time for a lightsaber battle! @starwars @PinewoodStudios pic.twitter.com/9hHxPxfTti

— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) April 19, 2016

The role raises the obvious question of why the queen or one of her grandchildren don’t just do it themselves? As detailed in the job description, however, this isn’t a role for any Tom, Dick, or Prince Harry. You’ll have to be an “experienced” social media expert, who will put the monarchy’s “reputation, brand and impact … at the forefront of all you do.” Aside from the reasonable paycheck, “having your work shared around the world will be the biggest reward.”

TRH want to say thank you to the people of India for their hospitality and warmth #RoyalVisitIndia pic.twitter.com/4eufaaBBtY

— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) April 16, 2016

Although that may sound a tad stifling for any social media disruptors looking to shake things up in regards to the royals’ digital profile, there is hope at hand. The vacancy claims there is room for “creativity” for anyone that understands “new technologies.” We can only assume this means that the queen wants to join Snapchat. Branching out may not be such a bad thing when you have such a devoted following. After all, the queen’s great grandchildren (Prince George and Princess Charlotte) would make the ideal candidates for the next generation of Instagram rich kids.

A little disclaimer: If you are thinking of applying for the job, you’re probably best to ignore our advice and stick to the rules. The British monarchy has had a hard enough time maintaining its public profile over the years, the last thing they need is someone else to royally screw things up online.

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