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New Jersey Assemblyman is a lesson in selective Facebook Liking

charles mainor

What are some embarrassing details you can dig up about a Facebook user? Say an Assemblyman? Charles Mainor, the Jersey City Assemblyman of the 31st Legislative District is at the center of controversy again for some questionable Facebook pages he’s favorited, reports The Jersey Journal.

charles mainor facebook favoritesMainor’s constituents are questioning his interests, which were laid out in plain sight on Facebook. The two pages that he’s being attacked for, in case you’re interested, are “Big Bootie Freaks,” and “You Got Knocked The Fck Out Man.” I don’t think we have to explain what these Facebook pages are about. If you’re curious, go ahead and hit the above links.

Usually when a public figure gets caught in compromising social networking situation, they blame it on faulty use of their account. Not Mainor. Despite clearly “liking” pages about women’s… ahem… physiques and physical violence, he attempted to distance himself from the evidence by telling the Journal that he doesn’t use Facebook – especially not after his last incident in January 2012. The “incident” he’s talking about, long story short, has to do with his very public Facebook rant about football in which he ended up calling the Philadelphia Eagles “gaybirds” and the Dallas Cowboys “cowgirls.” He’s a New York Giants fan, in case you’re wondering.

So this is what he had to say to the Journal in defense of his most recent Facebook flub:

“They’re [his constituents] trying to discredit me in some kind of way because I agreed with the gun deals that I pushed through. We’re losing babies. And if the best they can do is come back and say, ‘He shouldn’t have Big Bootie Freaks,’ then I said, ‘Hey, you shouldn’t have guns.”

Lo and behold, to no one’s surprise, he eventually called the Journal back and fessed up to his love for women (he’s currently single), and that he favorited “Got Knocked The Fck Out Man” to bookmark the page, which he says his daughter introduced him to.

The two pages have since been removed from his favorites list. As a publicly elected official, and considering his questionable activities on Facebook, Mainor might want to invest in a social media manager.

While you might not be a public official with opponents scrutinizing your every activity, Mainor’s loss should be your gain. Take it as a lesson on why you need to give your profile a look over from your status updates, Likes, and anything else publicly visible. The very existence of Graph Search makes it even more likely that someone sometime might stumble on this unfortunate information. 

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