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Super chatty today? Check out Chatible to chat with a stranger on Messenger

Facebook Messenger
Adventurous and interested in meeting new people? Capable of talking to anyone? A new bot called Chatible may just become your new best friend, or at the very least, help you find him or her. Think of it as a return to those days of yore on AIM chatrooms when people would ask others they had just met about their A/S/L (age, sex, and location).

Sure, it was a bit creepy in retrospect, but maybe time has lessened the stigma against chatting with strangers online. So if you’d like to be connected to a complete rando on Facebook Messenger for the purpose of striking up a conversation, check out Chatible, and see where your conversation takes you.

While there are a number of other apps that do the same thing, Chatible integrates easily with Messenger, which is already an extremely popular platform (though mostly for people who already know one another). To get started on the app, you sign in with Facebook, and you are then immediately connected at random to another denizen of the internet. Messages will show up in your Facebook inbox, and there’s no set agenda for what you talk about. So really, everything is fair game (which can, of course, present its own set of problems).

The conversations that have happened thus far and found their way onto Product Hunt have seemed perfectly pleasant and PG, but there don’t seem to be any measures in place to protect against creepier content. That said, however, Chatible doesn’t reveal your identity, and all information is kept private. As the app notes on its own Facebook page, “while Chatible is basically a ‘middleman’ to facilitate these conversations, we value your privacy greatly and will neither inspect nor disclose these messages.” 

It looks like the app has become quite popular quite quickly, as an update a few hours ago from the Chatible team notes that the bot “will be down for the next few hours for maintenance … due to the massive volume of traffic.” Chatible as a result has been forced to upgrade their servers — a pretty great problem to have.

So if you’re up for a random chat, check out Chatible — you never know what you may find.

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