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Comedian lampoons bratty Twitter users over ridiculous Christmas gift complaints


Quickly snowballing across Tumblr blogs and Facebook pages this week, Something Awful writer Jon Hendren started retweeting the posts from his followers about unwanted Christmas gifts ranging from iPads to cars. Obviously pointing out the spoiled nature of the posts, Hendren’s list of tweets continued to grow over Christmas and started to get reposted in graphic format across the Web. Tweets ranged from complaints about receiving expensive, but unwanted gifts to cursing out parents over buying the wrong expensive item. For instance, Greg Milakovic of Blackwood, New Jersey wrote “After opening the presents I should have saved the $ I spent to get down here and bought myself an iPad since I didn’t get one. Wtf family!

Christmas-bratty-tweetsSome of the more revolting tweets complained about parents picking up the wrong color of an Apple device. For instance, 16-year old Twitter user @Bernard_Wolf wrote “Yeah, she was saying she was going to upgrade my black IPhone 4 into a white one, but she didn’t so its #f**kmom.” Other Twitter users complained about not receiving a new car for Christmas and the majority of all tweets from these spoiled Twitter users offered a tirade of profanity to go along with the whining complaints. The most common complaints were about the iPad 2, iPhone 4S and other smartphones. Hendren also utilized the Twitter search function to locate these tweets by searching for terms like “not getting” and “didn’t get.”

In addition to viral growth in photo form, YouTube user Jonathan Mann turned the entitled tweets into a video that’s racked up over 100,000 views in the past two days. The song within the video contains language not suitable for the workplace (linked here), but features the majority of the Twitter complaints in slideshow form as well as a humorous ballad singing all wording within the ridiculous tweets.  

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