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Deleting your Instagram food porn could help feed the hungry

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Odds are, somewhere in your Instagram timeline, there is a photo of a meal you ate in the past month or so. Normally, these images are worth little more than a few likes or comments. But a charity campaign from Land O’Lakes is about to turn these long-forgotten meals into a powerful force for feeding the hungry. The only stipulation is, you have to delete your foodie photo.

The process is quite simple. Head on over to and log in to your Instagram account. Once logged in, go through your timeline and delete photos of a meal you shared in the past. For each photo you delete, Land O’Lakes will donate 11 meals to one of the more than 200 food banks partnered with Feeding America.

It does not appear as though the program is capable of recognizing what the photo is that is being deleted, so Land O’Lakes is trusting Instagram users to delete a photo of your food rather than the selfie you regret posting a few months back.


You have the option to share the photo you deleted, which shows your good deed alongside the slogan, “I deleted a meal to donate a meal.”

Considering how often marketing is self-serving, it is a smart move by Land O’ Lakes to get its name out there while also making a difference.

The goal is to donate 2.75 million meals by mid-October, when the campaign ends. It seems there is no individual limit to how many photos of meals you can delete, so shred through your timeline and make a difference.

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