eBay launches Setify, a Pinterest-like app for comic and coin collectors

setify ebay

EBay has launched Setify, a Pinterest-like social curation tool that enables its users to track their purchases and collections.

Despite Amazon’s influence, eBay has its sight’s set on becoming the de facto e-commerce site for all your Internet purchases, from designer jeans or an affordable textbook. The company has been hitting this message home as of late with its latest Fall ad spots that end with the motto: “From the new to the hard to find, when it’s on your mind, it’s on eBay.” And one advantage that eBay has over Amazon is its community of collectors and vintage lovers — those who are looking to buy and sell comic books and coin collections.

“Ever since it was founded, eBay has delivered useful resources for collectors, and Collectibles remains one of the most popular buying and selling categories on eBay,” Senior Writer Sebastian Rupley wrote in eBay’s blogpost.

And this is where Setify comes in. The free platform is a hybrid between a wish list that showcases the items that you currently own and items that you need to fill out the collection, and a forum for discussions about said collections. Users can update their Setify pages by uploading images of owned collectible items, along with items they want to complete the collection. Through searches, users can select items in the search results that they wish to own using a “Want” button or they can choose to select “Own” to identify items that they currently own, and purchase desired items off of eBay. Setify will only be geared toward coin and comic book collectors, although Rupley has indicated that more categories are to come. 

Not surprisingly, Setify also has a social element where its users can boast their collections or viewers can admire or maybe negotiate for desirable items.

It’s important to note that for almost as long as its been around, eBay has been a destination for illicit activities such as counterfeiting and deceptive sales of broken or even unordered goods. As eBay seeks to shed its former image of untrustworthiness, the company and users of Setify have to remain mindful of the realization that when dealing with collectible items, counterfeits are plentiful. So it will be interesting to watch eBay try to maintain a balance between the sellers and buyers when a site like Setify projects an image of authenticity for the products that are showcased on the site – and that will only become more true should it be applied to other categories

Setify is currently in alpha testing and you can request an invitation here. eBay has added that an iOS and Android app will be released later this year.

You can check out eBay’s video below for a visualization on how Setify works should you be interested in signing up for the alpha.