Escort services using Facebook to recruit

facebook alert

Facebook is a haven for job recruiters, and now that Graph Search is in place we’re finding out that means all sorts of… recruiters. Gangs have been known to look for potential new members via Facebook, and even a Canadian escort service has joined in to find new faces. While recruitment to an escort service itself isn’t breaking any rules, the Canadian Press reports that this company was knowingly recruiting or contacting underaged girls on Facebook.

A 17 year old girl came forward with this news to The Daily Dot, which has uncovered the seedy underbelly of recruiting for positions via social media. All it took was for the escort service to offer its services to underaged girls, and to ask for referrals from these girls with an attractive salary of $500 per day. The escort service declined to admit that it had done something wrong in the first place, citing the fact that it doesn’t actually employ these minors, but the Canadian government has discovered that the escort service was being run illegally without an operational license and it has thus been forced to close its doors.

If anything, this should service as yet another warning to clean up your profile. It could mean the difference between a message from a  dream employer and an escort service.