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Facebook ditches the email system that nobody used


Announced through a notification message to Facebook email users, the social network is moving away from the email address system. Rather than delivering email messages into the Facebook message center, emails sent to your account will be redirected to the email registered with your account. Prior to this point, messages from strangers would be filtered into the Other inbox and many Facebook users wouldn’t notice that a message had been received. This is because Other inbox messages don’t trigger a user notification.

Mentioned with the announcement message, a Facebook representative wrote “We’re making this change because most people haven’t been using their Facebook email addresses, and we wanted to make it easier to view all your emails in one place. Plus, we can focus on improving our mobile messaging experience for everyone.” Of course, this marks the end to a service that was once dubbed “Project Titan,” a term to describe how Facebook thought the new messaging system would revolutionize modern email. 

Back during mid-2012, Facebook caused something of a kerfuffle in the social media world when aggressively pushing the new email addresses. Basically, Facebook overwrote all default email addresses listed on user profiles with a new email address. While users could easily switch back to the address tied to their Facebook login, the majority of users likely didn’t notice the change to the About tab of their user profile. Taking it a step further, anyone that gave Facebook permission to add contact to their phone’s address book found that email addresses were being overwritten with the Facebook email address.

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