Facebook finally begins replacing ‘Subscribers’ with ‘Followers’ in the U.S.

facebook followers module first iteration

Facebook’s announcement is nearly upon us, but in the meantime here’s a much smaller update the social network has rolled out. The “Subscriber” language has now been changed to “Follower,” a change we heard Facebook would be making about a month ago. 

It looked like we caught Facebook in the middle of swapping its users over to the “followers” module. If you take a look at the screen shot above you’ll see that the number of followers isn’t positioned quite correctly and its font is much smaller than usual. Typically the subscriber module displays a blown up count number that fits the width and height of the tile. Not only this, but when you click on the follower module you’ll notice that now the follower counts are separated by “Followers” and “Followers via Lists,” with the latter being a feed of updates from lists of users.

cover photo time update

On a another minor note, it looks like Facebook is testing out an updated time stamp that separates the year from the date that a photo was published. We found this by clicking through a friend’s cover photo. Here you’ll notice a clock icon next to where the privacy setting normally sits. The date that you can see immediately is the year that photo was published, but to see the exact day of the week, date, and year, you have to hover over the clock icon, like you would with the privacy setting icon.

We’ve reached out to Facebook to confirm these changes and we’ll update this article with any response.