Facebook finally starts forcing Timeline on all users


Detailed in The Telegraph earlier today, Facebook is starting to take steps to push the Timeline profile format out to all users without requiring consent. Previous to this point, Facebook had allowed users the option of changing their profile page to the Timeline format and offering users a couple weeks to add past events to the page before making the page public. According to the report, all users will be moved to the new format during the first half of August and given seven days to modify their Timeline profile page. However, Facebook’s last official statement on the Timeline upgrade is that it will be completed during Fall 2012 which could potentially last through late December. Once a user is moved to the Timeline format, they won’t be able to revert to the old design.

facebook timeline iphoneFor anyone unfamiliar with the Timeline format, the design is more focused on life events as well as photography. It also allows friends to see status updates, comments, pictures and videos that have been posted by you since your profile was created.

A friend browsing your timeline page can simply click on a year on the right side of the page and be transported to that time of your life. The Timeline format also allows you to upload photos and videos at different points in your life. For instance, you could upload a photo of your own baby picture on the day that you were born or a picture of your first car when you started driving.

Arguably, Facebook has been fairly lenient on users with the transition to Timeline. The new design was originally announced during late September 2011 and the social network allowed the majority of users the option of transitioning to the new Timeline format over the past ten months. As the majority of users move to the new format, Facebook will be able to focus on more Timeline-influenced upgrades like the new photo page.