Facebook Friendship Pages get much-needed, long awaited Timeline face-lift

Friendship Page Screen Shot

A fairly forgotten and relatively neglected feature are Facebook’s Friendship Pages. Conversations and activities exclusive between you and a friend are logged and presented in Facebook’s old wall format, but Facebook announced it’s working on a gradual and much-needed face-lift for this feature.

The redesign of the page will parallel Facebook’s Timeline look, including the cover photo, friends, photos, events, and likes. Of course since you’re sharing a page with your friend, all these features will be tailored to you and this person’s mutual relationships and common interests. Photos will show up in the format of images that you and your friend have both been tagged in, and you’ll be able to see the same Facebook pages you’ve liked.

The idea behind Facebook’s Friendship Pages is that they act as a reminder of how, where, and when you and a friend met, or a nostalgic moment. But when the Friendship Timeline is released worldwide, it might encourage users to maintain relationships since the design of Timeline, which emphasizes images, is inherently personalized.

The value in Friendship Pages is more apparent if you’re in a relationship with a significant other. All the memories that you’ve shared are immortalized on a page dedicated to your relationship, where you can track your conversations without digging through your own Timeline history. On the other hand, the last thing any broken-up couple would want to see is a rehash of all the good times.

There are two ways to access your Friendship Page. If you look at a friend’s Timeline, you need to click on a gear icon at the top of their page to open up a dropdown menu. The first option there is “See Friendship,” which will open up the Friendship Page. The second access point is through your friend’s list on your own Timeline. If you click on the box labeled “Friends,” you’ll notice a link titled “See Friendship” that accompanies each of your friend’s profile photos.

If your relationship status isn’t set to single, you can visit facebook.com/us to find you and your significant other’s Friendship Page.

Facebook Timeline and its advertising products have been the primary focus for the network as of late. It’s worth reminding you that the platform has been hard at work with feature updates intended to boost user engagement in its auxiliary services like Facebook Groups, Facebook Messenger, Calendar, and now Friendship Pages.