Facebook’s fight on faked Likes has officially begun

facebook likesFacebook’s efforts to wipe itself clean of fake Likes has hit the ground running, as some business pages have lost huge numbers of fans over the course of the last few days. The social network recently announced it would be ridding the site of fake accounts as well as bot-boosted, paid-for Likes, which sent some account holders into fit: Those Likes they’d amassed (ahem, paid for) could soon be gone.

And now it would appear that Facebook is making good on its promise and cleaning house.  If you head over to Page Data, you’ll see that a who’s who of Facebook Pages have seen huge decreases. Texas HoldEm Poker is down 96,317; Farmville down 45,693, and Justin Bieber down 17,980.

pagedata facebook likes

It stands to reason that if your page was heavily relying on buying Likes or any other malicious tricks to up that number, you’re about to see you’re a drastic blow to that number. According to Facebook, this is in everyone’s best interest: Business page admins will actually have a better idea of how well their posted content is being circulated to their followers and how those respective followers are reacting to it. Spam-boosted Likes aren’t good for anything other than a big number that brands can brag about.

On the user side of things, it’s nothing but good news. Not only will brands have to start showing us more accurate numbers [Sidenote: I’m not entirely certain how many people go around liking Pages and find themselves in awe of their numbers, i.e. “Oh wow! Pepsi has 8,999,828 Likes? Well in that case count me IN!” For what it’s worth, though, brand honesty is always a good thing.], but the move means that fake accounts are feeling Facebook’s wrath as well. It’s becoming an increasing problem and there are plenty of us plagued by a full docket of Friend Requests from what would appear to be fake accounts.

To Facebook’s credit, it’s being incredibly proactive about weeding as much fakery as it can off its platform, and it isn’t coming at an expense to users – unless those users were emptying their pockets on fake Likes.