Facebook introduces tweak to News Feed, may clog your page with unwanted posts

facebook introduces tweak newsfeed br howard
When you look at your Facebook News Feed, a new type of post may show up.

Facebook has announced a subtle expansion to the type of stories it shows users in News Feed this week: when a page tags the page of something you like, that story may pop up in your News Feed. 

“Now, when a Page tags another Page, we may show the post to some of the people who like or follow the tagged Page,” Facebook Product Manager, Andrew Song, wrote. “For example, this post by the Bleacher Report might be shown in News Feed to people who follow or like Dwight Howard, in addition to people who follow or like the Bleacher Report.” 

You’ll know that the post is appearing because of another page you like, because Facebook will tell you that the page was mentioned in whatever they’re showing. They provided the Dwight Howard/Bleacher Report example in the photo above. 

This isn’t a huge change, but it does underline how Facebook is moving away from focusing on content provided by individual members. It’s more interested in showing you posts from Pages because those are the types of account that pay. So if you like to use Facebook to receive news updates, this will be a welcome change. If you prefer to use the social network as a way to see what your friends are up to, this will clog your feed with content you don’t particularly care for, unless you’re friends with Dwight Howard.

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