Facebook is fighting spam and the overshare with its ’10 second rule’

facebook viral spam These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find a social application that doesn’t have a spam problem of some sort. Facebook, obviously, is no exception and link-bait hits the site on a regular basis. And the amount of auto-sharing going on thanks to the open graph means that spammy videos and articles are constantly showing up in your News Feed. Socialcam is one app we can probably all pinpoint as a source of many, many spammy videos infiltrating the site.

Thankfully, Facebook has a simple fix: its new 10 second rule. Now before you share something on the site, you have to be reading or watching it for at least 10 seconds before the app is allowed to indicate you are sharing it out to your social network. According to a developer blog post, “Built-in watch and read actions can only be published after someone engages with the content for 10 or more seconds. If a video is shorter than 10 seconds, the viewer must watch the entire video.”

Facebook introduced us to the idea of frictionless sharing nearly a year ago, and it’s still fine-tuning how it will actually work. The concept no doubt helps out integrated services get more play on the site, and once users gave an app the green light, there was little to keep developers from pulling out the stops to get that app as much “sharing” as possible. And now Facebook’s responded with some controls that should help curb oversharing; good news for curious clickers as well as everyone annoyed by spam-full News Feeds.

Other new ways Facebook is curbing overshare include requiring developers to access app content without auto-sharing it. These updates should lead to more user comfort with a frictionless Facebook, and control the mounting spam issue. Developers, take note.