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No more Like button? Facebook is revamping how you’ll use and follow Pages

Facebook Pages could soon see a major refresh — including the absence of a Like button. The social media network is rolling out a test of a redesigned Pages experience that overhauls the look, feel, and tools associated with Facebook’s profiles for businesses, media, organizations, and public figures. Among other refinements, the test trades the like button for a follow one and gives Pages administrators their own news feed to interact with.

While many changes won’t be too distinguishable for the Facebook owners that are not Page administrators, one change could affect both admins and average users — the elimination of the Like button. Under the new redesign, users can follow a page, but the longstanding Like button is gone.

Facebook’s current Page design (left) compared to the new design currently in testing (right) Facebook

The change is an attempt to eliminate the confusion between a like and a follow. Currently, Facebook users can like a page, but not follow it — which means they will show up in that Like count, but won’t see any posts in the news feed. The test switches instead to just one option, the follow, to see Page posts in the News Feed.

A Facebook representative told Digital Trends that the test is a result of feedback from both Page owners and general users, and that follows are more consistent with other social platforms. Facebook’s Instagram also uses the following button.

Page administrators will also have access to a News Feed that allows businesses and public figures to interact as their Page instead of their personal profile. Currently, Page interaction is limited to comments and posts on the original Page. With a dedicated Page news feed, however, the Page account can like and comment on posts from others. The change allows Pages to participate in discussions, which could help Pages to feel less like a one-sided conversation.

The test also includes an updated layout that more closely resembles the cover photo and profile picture of a personal profile, along with emphasizing top elements such as the Page bio and posts. Updates also include additional insights, grouping related notifications together for fewer interruptions and additional account management tools.

The redesigned Pages are rolling out to selected public figures, media Pages, and some businesses. Facebook did not comment on when, or if, the features may leave testing phases and become part of the full app.

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