Facebook plans to sync user email with Timeline


Announced on the Facebook Newsroom recently, the social network is going to start automatically assigning users a Facebook email address based off the vanity URL username chosen for a user’s Timeline profile page. For instance, if a person’s Timeline address is facebook.com/johndoe, then the new Facebook email address will be johndoe@facebook.com. While this initiative won’t alter any email addresses that have been chosen, Facebook officials want to assign addresses to the entire user base. Facebook email addresses launched approximately eighteen months ago in order to promote the social messaging system, but recent studies indicate that email is still the dominant form of communication over social networks.  

facebook_messages_for_everyoneFacebook has started to roll out notifications to users that haven’t upgraded to a vanity URL and users can visit facebook.com/username if they would like to create a URL immediately. However, the URL must be available and it cannot be changed after choosing a unique name. The vanity URL launched on Facebook during 2009 and offer users more freedom with naming their profile page.

Users that have already chosen a vanity URL, but haven’t picked out an email address can simply wait until Facebook automatically creates the address. It’s likely that these users will receive a notification when the email address is active.

Similar to sending a private message through Facebook, messages sent through email will show up in the same communication stream as regular messages and conversations in Facebook chat. However, email messages from other users must be tied to a Facebook account, otherwise the messages are separated out into the “Other” folder. This folder can be found in the left hand navigation after clicking the Messages link and contains messages from people that aren’t direct friends, messages from brands, invitations to events and direct messages from Facebook regarding changes in the terms of service. 

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