Facebook stalkers, rejoice! Banned Breakup Notifier app replaced with Crush Notifier

crush-notifier-logoFacebook may have banned the stalker-ish viral app Breakup Notifier only three days after its release. But that hasn’t stopped Dan Loewenherz, the app’s developer, from simply releasing another salacious creation: Crush Notifier.

Whereas Breakup Notifier put its focus on the negative — it emailed users anytime someone on their list changed their relationship status on Facebook — Crush Notifier has a hopeful, upbeat slant.

“I wanted to release something new today that would be 100% positive,” writes Loewenherz in a blog post that was published late Friday. “Something that helps create relationships.”

So what exactly is Crush Notifier? “In short, it’s anonymous crushing,” Loewenherz explains. “Crush your friends without them knowing. If they crush you back, you both get an email. Simple as that!”

To get crushing, all you have to do is log into CrushNotifier.com, choose which friends you have a crush on, and if anyone on your list by chance picks you back, you both get an email. (And then, presumably, you’ll get married, have kids, and laugh about the whole thing over bottles of wine for the rest of your life.)


So far, it’s unclear whether Crush Notifier will suffer the same banished fate — and same instantaneous success — as Breakup Notifier. In fact, it’s still unclear why Facebook banned Breakup Notifier in the first place. Some believe it’s because the app got so popular, garnering nearly 3.7 million users in 72 hours  as they’ve only told Loewenherz via email that the block was “temporary” and an automated standard procedure.

“I’m totally bummed!” Loewenherz told PC Mag. “It’s been very frustrating dealing with Facebook, they’ve been very noncommunicative. I don’t like sitting around on my butt but I try to not let things like that get in the way of making cool stuff.”