Facebook testing a new “Highlights” feed

facebook testing new highlights feed

When you browse Facebook do you find yourself scrolling past the memes and funny jokes to get to the serious stuff of births, marriages and announcements? If so, you’re in luck: Facebook is busy testing a new “Highlights” feed that focuses on on major life events and cuts out the more banal day-to-day status updates.

Facebook already does a decent job of picking out your best moments — the Look Back project demonstrated that — so the underlying technology is already in place. As TechCrunch reports, the Facebook for iOS update that appeared this weekend contained more than just bug fixes for a select number of beta testers. A new People tab replaces the old Requests section, and includes a Highlights feed where all the important stuff for each of your friends is listed.

Of course, Facebook experiments with new features all the time, and there’s no word yet on whether this will ever become a fully fledged part of the platform. Still, if you like the idea you could lobby Zuckerberg and his team to ask for it to be made available to all users.

If you need to quickly check up on someone without wading through third-party app updates and gaming high scores, then Highlights could be very beneficial. The new People section also includes a list of contacts that you’ve recently interacted with, according to TechCrunch. Facebook knows that winning users over on mobile is crucial to its ongoing success, and this looks like a move in that direction.

[Images from TechCrunch]