Facebook’s testing a Timehop feature to remind you why you avoided Facebook a year ago

facebook testing on this day nostalgia feature

Millennials are all about documenting their lives on the Internet – that’s why Instagram, Twitter, and Foursquare are all the rage. We want to know what we’re doing, seeing, hearing, eating, and thinking at all hours of the day – and preferably on a service where friends can like and comment on such activities. But once that time passes, do any of those information matter anymore? Facebook wants to remind you of those remedial moments with its new Timehop-esque feature that lets you jump one year back to see exactly what was going on in your life 360-something days ago.

Currently in beta testing, Facebook’s “On This Day” tab allows users to see what happened one year back. The results aren’t limited to just you (unless you’re one to post something every day): The tab curates a list of status updates, check-ins, comments, and photos posted from you and your entire friends list. If various life events happened, such as a new job, new apartment, or an engagement happened, those updates are likely to skyrocket to the top of the news feed. It’s like looking at your Facebook homepage again from a year ago and remembering why you avoided the site during Election Season. Nobody cares what your political views are on Facebook. Hello, it’s Facebook.

On This Day is apparently rolling up in random user’s feeds, with non-chronological results to highlight some of the “best” moments from this day a year back. The feature is also popping up for various accounts accessing the site via the Facebook iOS app, suggesting that the team is taking its users’ love for Throwback Thursdays seriously and will consistently remind you that the Internet never forgets. Hey, remember how [Fake Friend A] didn’t invite you to her housewarming party? Here’s a photo to remind you of that fateful day.

Are you excited about the possible launch of Facebook’s latest nostalgia app, or would you rather stick to your own pasts with Timehop? If you said the former, let’s hope you have some very interesting friends.

[Photo via The Next Web]