How to prevent others from seeing that you’ve read their Facebook messages

facebook undetected hides message receiptsBy now you may have noticed if you send chats or group messages on Facebook, you are greeted with a checkmark at the bottom of the post when your recipient has seen your message. This can both be a good and bad thing; on one hand, you can call someone out on not responding if you know they’ve seen the message while on the other, if someone you don’t really want to speak to sends you a chat and you don’t want to reply, they will know you saw it and ignored them. So how do you avoid the latter type of confrontation? Why, with the Facebook Undetected extension, of course!

Developed by Crossrider, the extension works across most major web browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. You can install the extension in just matters of minutes to cloak your message receipts. Instead of the usual checkmarks readers get, it will remain blank like things formerly were on Facebook.

Of course, another way around this is to turn off Chat and just communicate via private messages so you can choose to open ones sent by close friends. However, if you like the messenger-style chats with your friends, this might be a simple way to hide from those you lack time to respond. Still, can we recommend you just delete the friends you never want to hear from again to avoid the awkward messaging? That’s probably the best way to give someone the hint that you don’t really feel like chatting with them — ever.

You can download Facebook Undetected here.