Facebook updates the Help Center with a simpler interface and new personalization

facebook updated help center

Facebook did us all a service today by launching its redesigned Help Center, which now provides a much easier way to access answers to the thousands of questions that users are constantly asking — it falls just short of offering a direct customer support line. 

Facebook first introduced the Help Center in 2007, but with increasing concerns over privacy and the inarguable backlash against the Timeline, the social network is constantly barraged with user questions and confusion. Now the menu-based support feature has been updated to a simpler, more basic format, and even includes a search bar where you can type in the issue that you’re looking to solve. In addition, based on our comparison of two Facebook accounts, the in-line help feature and the list of recommended issues is tailored uniquely to what Facebook believes your issue could be.

The Help Center itself is significantly easier to navigate. In the middle of the page, six main topic points are featured, including “Learn the Privacy Basics” and “Review Our Safety Resources.” These topics are designed to be personalized based on how you’re using Facebook. “For example, if you’re not logged into Facebook, you may see information about how to create an account or tips on resetting your Facebook password,” Facebook explained in its blog post.

At the very bottom of the page, you’ll recognize a list of the most popular questions, where “What is Facebook Timeline?” tops the list. To the right of this column, you’ll see a category for “More Help,” where Facebook recommends pages that you can Like to keep up to date with the latest tips and feature announcements. Products that a user may need help with are listed in a digestible format within the left hand column.

facebook support dashboard

In addition to the Help Center makeover, Facebook is releasing a Support Dashboard feature, where you can monitor the statuses of abusive content or accounts that you’ve reported. Typically, offensive content means lewd photos or racist comments. With Support Dashboard you’ll be notified when a report has been reviewed and of Facebook’s respective action.

Keeping users happy is a priority at Facebook, and an elusive one. While it’s impossible to solve pain points user by user, this update should make finding answers to your Facebook-related questions much easier.