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Facebook’s new emotion-based status updates are a win for sarcasm

fb amused statusFacebook has started rolling out it’s new emotion and action-based status update options. Now, when you go to fill something out in the empty white box, you’ll see a smiley-face icon pop up. From here, you can tell Facebook how you’re feeling, or choose from a handful of other Open Graph verbs (i.e., “watching,” “reading,” or “eating”). 

The new feature has been subject to a bit of early criticism – most pointedly that this is what (old) MySpace and LiveJournal let us do … and we haven’t been in all that much of a hurry to bring it back.

Regardless, it’s here, and coupled with our love of punking new Facebook features we don’t like, you should prepare yourself to see a slew of  rather sarcastic status updates hitting the platform: 

fb drinking gold
fb eating babies
fb your mom

fb sounds of sexThe thinking behind the new status update options is that Facebook will be able to get a much more concrete idea of what we’re doing and interested in, beyond the “like.” If enough people use the function to troll the social network, then you can bet the predictive data that could be used from this feature will be pretty tainted. Because I promise you, I did not eat any babies today. No babies were eaten in the production of this post. 

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