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Chicago man fatally shot during Facebook Live broadcast

fatal shooting facebook live app
A Chicago man who was shot several times and died of his wounds appears to have himself captured the incident on Facebook Live. Police are using the broadcast as part of their investigation into the death of the 28-year-old male identified as Antonio Perkins.

The clip originally shared to Facebook as it occurred in real-time appears to have been removed, but to video is being circulated on social media as online tributes to Perkins pour in. (Warning: the video contains sensitive material that some viewers may find disturbing.)

During the 37-minute broadcast, Perkins can be heard talking to his friends whilst recording their walk through Lawndale, a neighborhood located on the West Side of Chicago. A few minutes pass, and then we hear Perkins exclaim “Boy, stop playin’.” A number of gun shots can then be heard, and the smartphone (still broadcasting) falls to the floor. Traces of blood can be seen on the ground, and the shouts of people calling out, “Oh my God,” and “Call the police” can be heard.

The commotion continues outside of the frame for several minutes as we hear Perkins’ friends attempt to assist him until help arrives. Later we hear officers telling people to move back.

The authorities have stated that Perkins was shot at 8.45 p.m. He was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead from bullet wounds to the head and neck at 9.07 p.m. Based on conflicting reports, somewhere between six to ten gunshots were fired. Police say the shooting was gang-related, but Perkins’ friends and family have denied the claims, reports WGN-TV.

The incident resembles a similar Chicago shooting that was broadcast to Facebook Live in April, and the incident once again draws attention to the uploading of sensitive material to Facebook in the form of a live-stream. Police are reviewing Perkins’ video in the hopes that it can aid them in their investigation.

We have reached out to Facebook for a comment, and will update the article accordingly.

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