Flickr adds new feature that helps you find friends

In what seems like a long overdue features, Flickr is finally making it possible to search for friends based on your Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo email and Facebook account. It also suggests users you might want to friend based on who your current friends are following.

flickrAs Flickr explains in their blog post announcing the feature:

“Suggestions are based on your contacts and the people they know. You can add contacts from the Find Your Friends page or right from the new module on your Flickr homepage. You can also designate them as a friend, family or contact right from the modules. If you need even more suggestions, just dismiss the ones that aren’t interesting to you and we’ll come up with some new ones! If you don’t want to be suggested to people, this feature uses the existing “Hide your profile from public searches” setting. So if you already choose to have your profile hidden from searches, it won’t show in this feature either.”

If you don’t want to be found you can opt-out of the system by choosing the “hide your profile from public searches” setting.