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Video slideshow app Flipagram now has 200 million creators, 4 billion daily video views

flipagram vidcon creators interview farhad mohit
Flipagram co-founder and CEO Farhad Mohit, on the left
Flipagram continues to attract users to its visual slideshow app, and now it is showcasing a selection of its brightest stars at VidCon 2016.

The performers should feel right at home at the online video convention devoted to web stars from YouTube to Vine. After all, their “Flips” (the clips set to music that Flipagram allows you to create) have gained them a massive social media following. The burgeoning app is promoting its roster of musicians, dancers, and video wunderkinds in the hopes that it can draw even more users to its product.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Flipagram, the app claims that its videos are viewed 4 billion times per day across social media platforms such as Instagram, and Facebook. Last year, it secured a series of music licensing deals with major record labels — including Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music — that allow its users to soundtrack their visuals with real tracks. The app provides iTunes Store download links for the music it carries, so users can purchase the songs related to their favourite clips.

Millennials are taking to the app in their droves, keen to become the next breakout, viral sensation. Digital Trends spoke to Flipagram founder and CEO Farhad Mohit to discuss the rise of the app, how it plans to monetize, its growing talent pool, and how other social networks (most notably Facebook) are aping its product.

Can you tell us a bit more about Flipagram’s user numbers?

Today, we are announcing that Flipagram’s video story network has surpassed 200 million mobile creators who have come to Flipagram to create video stories in a wide range of categories. To date, nearly half a billion Flipagram video stories have been created, comprising over 13 billion photo and video moments with music to make Flipagram the most popular mobile creator’s app worldwide.

Why do you think apps such as Flipagram (that let you soundtrack your videos) are so popular right now?

Music adds a second, very emotional, dimension to a user’s video. With our app being the only one fully licensed to allow over 40 million songs to be used, it’s just irresistible to use Flipagram to create immersive personal video stories with awesome music and then share them with family, friends and loved ones across social media.

With over 200 million mobile creators now on the app, does Flipagram intend to provide any ad or revenue-sharing incentives to its influencers?

Yes, that is in the works. There are currently dozens of major brands with accounts on Flipagram, as well as brands that are actively seeking out and working with Flipagram creators and influencers.

Soon, Flipagram will be launching subject-specific channels designed to provide creators with a ground floor opportunity to get incentivized from their content in various verticals and become bonafide “Flipastars.” Channels will include dance, beauty, food, art, animals, music, comedy, causes, and more.

Flipagram app
Flipagram app

Are music download sales being impacted by your app? How do you see this feature evolving?

Yes, a majority of Flipagram creations have music attached and the song that is used is shown to users on the app. As such, Flipagram users can click through to iTunes via the app to purchase a song that is attached to a video story, driving revenue and sales. Musicians love this feature and we see this making even more of an impact as our network continues to expand.

Does Flipagram have any plans to monetize through ads, premium content, or any other means?

Flipagram is focused on growth at the moment, but we do have plans to monetize in the future.

Do you think the likes of Facebook (and its recently announced Slideshow music feature, and existing Moments app) are copying Flipagram? If so, why do you think that is?

I’m sure they are aware of us and the success we are having. It’s natural for them to try and incorporate some of that into their own offering.  That said, we feel that being totally focused on video stories allows us to keep ahead and build a unique and attractive offering for mobile video creators.

Flipagram is giving its creators a platform at VidCon, will this trend continue with more sponsored performances, tours, and events?

We are always on the lookout for sponsorships and events that align with Flipagram’s overall mission and goals.

Are people mainly sharing their Flips on Flipagram or do you find a lot of the content makes it on to external social networks? What do you prefer?

We started as a tool for sharing to other networks, and today the majority of Flips still get shared that way.  However, we’re building a network with many advantages for mobile creators, that is allowing them to build a fanbase on Flipagram. We hope to accelerate that process with the launch of our channels program in the coming months.

Flipagram is available now on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

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