Friendsheet combines Pinterest design with Facebook photos


Designed over the weekend by developer Zach Allia, a mash-up of Facebook and Pinterest called Friendsheet merges the layout and design elements of Pinterest with photos posted by Facebook friends. Upon visiting the site for the first time, a user is prompted to log into the site with Facebook. Once active, Friendsheet pulls in all photos from friends and pages to create the initial layout of photos. In addition to checking out each photo, the user has the ability to read the caption on the photo and leave a Facebook comment in addition to liking or sharing the photo with friends. When clicking on a photo, Friendsheet loads the original resolution of the photo.

friendsheet-loginWithin the settings, the user has the option to turn off fan pages, hide comments or hide captions from view. Removing fan pages is a helpful option for anyone attempting to avoid brand page promotions within the layout. Within the Friendsheet interface, a user can click on a friend’s name to bring up all photos and albums of that Facebook friend. There’s also a search function in the upper right hand corner of the screen that allows the user to search for a specific friend. In addition, users can upload photos and include captions directly from the Friendsheet interface.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg publicly “liked” the site yesterday on his Facebook Timeline and traffic to Friendsheet shot up over the last day according to Techcrunch. While the mash-up of the two sites isn’t designed to become a direct competitor with the two social networks, the concept definitely provides a unique way to navigate through photos uploaded to Facebook. Allia is also responsible for creating Facebook for Chrome, a Google Chrome extension that provides a unique way to interact with Facebook from the toolbar, and Pinterest Pro, another Chrome extension that enhances photos on Pinterest as well as provides shortcuts to common Pinterest user actions.

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