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Give your duck face a rest with these equally horrible new selfie trends

give your duck face a rest with these equally annoying facial expressions selfie
Selfies – as you all know – is like, an acceptable online artform now, and you know that it’s a legitimate trend when there’s a movement against it. Just face it – if you spend enough time on any social network, you will eventually run into a photo or two (or 10) of faces taken by their owners, and while some of them are actually pretty creative and cool, most of them are, well, horrible and inappropriate.

You’re all probably acquainted with the duck face, a photography pose that’s supposedly designed to make your pursed lips sexy and your eyes sultry.

duck face selfie

Operative word: Supposedly. The Internet really needs to retire this MySpace-bred fad ASAP, but it seems like it’s still in full rotation among the selfie crowds – it’s even undergone slight modifications, in the form of these facial expressions.

1. Sparrow face

This Japan-born phenomenon has been gaining online traction as “the new duck lips” – to achieve the look, you’re supposed to “open your eyes as wide as possible, and then you make your mouth like a chirping sparrow.”

Apparently this the new Duckface, it's called "Sparrow Face" How?

A post shared by JJ (@jj_on_air) on

By the looks of it, sparrow face is a subtler version of the duck face. And if you check out Statigram, you’ll see Instagram is already totally nailing it.

2. Frog face

What is it about people naming faces after animals? Anyway, here’s what frog face is supposed to look like:

frog face

I don’t know about you, but it sure does remind me of someone.

#protecttheskinyourein @MarcJacobsIntl

— Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus) July 28, 2013

I think it’s safe to AKA this expression as the “Miley Cyrus face”, which is obviously a more legitimate trend seeing as there are tons of celebrities sticking their tongues out, Miley-style.

3. Sexdolling face

Hey guys and gals. Duck face is sooooo 2000 and late! Sexdolling is the way to go!

— Kevin (@KevinToTheCruz) January 22, 2013

Words fail me for this one, guys. It’s just so wrong on so many levels. But alas, it seems to be a thing.

4. Horse face

The third animal-associated expression in our list – this one, we like.

horseface 2
horseface 3

If you really have to try one of these out, let it be this one.

5. Fishlips

Remember that duck face move that requires you to suck in a little bit of your cheek? Well, this one expects you to completely suck it in, like you would like to swallow your face until it disappears.



A post shared by Tania RA (@taniardza) on

The only time it may be cute is if you do it alongside an adorable kid.

6. Trout face

This is what an actual trout looks like.

trout face 1
trout face

This is what it looks like when a human tries to trout it up.

trout face 2

7. Snapchat face

Here’s one my editor and I had to have a conversation about:

Me: Is there an official name for that [facial expression] where you push your chin into your neck?

snapchat face 1

Molly: Hahaha just ‘pretty girls making ugly faces.’

Molly: Snapchat face maybe.

So that’s what we’re calling it here! The popular Reddit thread has so many facial variants available, but we’d like to focus on one that basically makes your neck non-existent.

snapchat face 2 snapchat face 3

pretty girl ugly face meme fan

And really, you don’t have to be a pretty girl to do it, too! It’s comedian Ricky Gervais’ favorite selfie expression ever.

8. Invisible teacup face

This is what we’re calling it because we have no freaking idea what the deal is with this picture:

invisible teacup

While it’s pegged as another variant of the duck face, it’s more like a modified “let’s all bend our knees in this group photo for no reason!”

not being able to stand up straight

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