Google+ Events: Cinemagraphs, Party Mode, post-event reminders

Google+ Events: Cinemagraphs, Party Mode, post-event reminders

As expected, today has been a big day for Google. In addition to the new Nexus 7 tablet, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google Play updates, and the Nexus Q media player, the Mountain View, California, technology giant unveiled a new feature for its social network during the Google I/O 2012 keynote Google+ Events.

At its most basic, Google+ Events is a new way to share invitations, information, photos, and other updates about an event. Events, which fully integrate with Google Calendar, are divided into three modes: before, during and after.

In the before mode, Google has a new feature called “Cinemagraphs,” which are large, GIF-like animate images. Cinemagraphs can be shared through Google Calendar as a kind of event invitation, and are available even to people not on Google+.

For during events, Google+ has a new feature called Party Mode. When Party Mode is enabled, all photos taken through the Google+ mobile app will automatically upload to Google+ and be shared with everyone else at the event. This creates a kind of photo livestream of the event on Google+, with all participating attendees’ photos flowing into a single stream. A slideshow mode is also available for viewing the pictures in full-screen glory. And a green notification light tells you that Party Mode is on, so you can remember to turn it off if you like.

As for the after mode portion, Google will send out a notification to event attendees reminding them to upload pictures and videos of the event, if they haven’t already. Google+ will then organize the photos in chronological order. Users can choose to see all photos, or only photos from a particular person. Photos with the most number of “+1s” will automatically be placed into a “best of” gallery.

Here’s a quick video showing off Google+ Events: