Good news! A LinkedIn for you unfortunate souls cursed with good looks is on the way

beautiful people job search headerSearching for suitable, gainful employment is no walk in the park – just ask those folks who’ve exhausted their close contacts and their creativity in order to bag an opportunity that fits their professional profiles. Although the hardships of job hunting are a reality that commonly afflicts the masses, here’s an idea to mull over for the next five to 10 seconds: Apparently, attractive looking people find it hard to get work just as much as homely individuals do.

“I’m sure I’m not the first parent to think they need a slim and fit nanny to be able to keep up with a busy child,” Kinnard said. “It’s just that many wouldn’t dare to come out and say it!”

According to The Telegraph, Beautiful People – the online dating site aptly named for its tendency to prioritize members of a certain attractiveness quotient – has recently expressed its intent to use its 750,000 beautiful members as a starter client base for an online employment agency of sorts. Not only will this new venture allow future employers of a purely fine-looking workforce to fill in job vacancies in their companies, the pretty women and the handsome men on the dating platform hoping to score something more can apply for positions directly through the site.

Make no mistake about it – the entertainment industry does not hold exclusivity of hiring head-turners. Aside from the obvious fields such as modeling, acting, and performing, having a beautiful and pleasing physical appearance can bode well for those hoping to work in real estate, fashion merchandise, public relations, sales, and any business that requires many face-to-face interactions and takes pride in making first impressions last. “Attractive people tend to make a better first impression on clients, win more business and earn more,” Greg Hodge, Beautiful People’s managing director, told The Telegraph.

beautiful people job search attractive woman
“An attractive face is always a great first impression for any business,” according to

“This isn’t an invitation for crack-pots to come and ogle our beautiful members,” Hodge added. As early as now, people who are in the market for employees with high face value are signing up for access to the Beautiful People’s job seeker database, including Los Angeles-based real estate agency The Urban Homes Group and London bridal designer Sassi Holford, both adequate examples of image-conscious businesses that would succeed in landing prospective clients if they had pretty people representing them. If you have a kid who “responds better to good looking people” like working mother Olivia Kinnard, then this employee portal is for you. “I’m sure I’m not the first parent to think they need a slim and fit nanny to be able to keep up with a busy child,” Kinnard said. “It’s just that many wouldn’t dare to come out and say it!” 

Any ways-to-get-hired article will tell you that in order to bag that coveted job offer, you have to “look the part.” While Beautiful People’s concept takes this a little too literally, beauty is still pretty subjective (no pun intended) – their About page is careful to note that the site’s rating module is democratic and fair, which is how people would want to be treated as job applicants, right? You wouldn’t file a discrimination lawsuit in case you get rejected for a position, right?

Sure, keep telling yourself that.

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