Here’s the unofficial Facebook app for Google Glass

facebook glass

Facebook doesn’t have an official Glass app just yet, though we’re sure one is in the works considering Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s enthusiasm for the headgear. But until then, TesseractMobile, an independent developer, has taken up the challenge of developing the first (unofficial) Facebook Glass app.

Functionally there isn’t anything complicated or fancy about “Glass to Facebook.” Just sign in with Facebook, and tilt your head to snap a photo. Using Glass you can share the photo to your Facebook Timeline, and that’s all there is to it.

There’s little doubt that the app itself was modeled off of the Twitter for Glass app that’s being beta tested by tech luminaries in the Valley. But comparing the two, Glass to Facebook requires users to give the Glass app permission to publish to Facebook. At the same time you’ll find that the photos you’ve taken are collected in a photo album, which you can share publicly.

Twitter has (accidentally) leaked evidence of a prototype a Twitter developer was likely testing at the time – so we know that Twitter for Glass will be officially launched at some point. We can only speculate about what Facebook is up to regarding its own Glass initiative.

With the rapid growth of the messaging app market, we’d imagine that messaging will be end up a core feature in the official Facebook for Glass app. Perhaps Chat heads itself will make its way to the device.

[Photo via Mashable]