Here’s the Facebook musical you never knew you didn’t want to see

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 12.47.55 PMThere’s a new video on YouTube called “Facebook – the Musical” and it is really, really frightening. It stars people who are legitimately good at singing, and the production quality is top notch. You can see for yourself below, but before you click play, know this: the video does a really good job of approximating Facebook’s addictive nature, and is a very stressful viewing experience. 

The song gently makes fun of how obsessed people are with Facebook, but the so-fast-paced-it’s-frantic sound kind of makes it seem like it’s making fun of people who are simultaneously addicted to Facebook and addicted to crystal meth. I actually paused the video so I could check my Facebook and then I felt burning shame. So thanks, “Facebook – the Musical,” for making our jittery, compulsive need to see who looked at us on the Internet into a song.  

So I couldn’t really handle the Facebook Musical. I think the fact that the satire is so gentle made me uncomfortable, like I wasn’t sure if they were actually mocking Facebook obsession or just sort of celebrating it in a terrifying dance routine. But the singers and actors were good, so I checked out the creator’s other videos. AVbyte, the group that created the Facebook Musical, also made more palatable YouTube musicals like “Hipster Disney Princess – the Musical” and one that really made me smile called “Google is My Friend.” They have a ton of Internet-related song-and-dance numbers up on YouTube, since they release new videos three days a week, which is a somewhat fantastical output.

But once again, I feel you must be warned of “Facebook – the Musical.” There is no unseeing or unhearing it.