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In Denver, stoners can summon a weed party bus with the flick of an app

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Most weed smokers may prefer to get high in the comfort of their homes. But even if they don’t, whether it be due to societal norms or paranoia, the humble stoner has until now been forced indoors by circumstances.

High There, a dating app for weed smokers, wants to change that. Its plan is to unshackle stoners from their lounges and Lay-Z-Boys and get them riding around town with like-minded people, courtesy of its new mobile party bus, “The Hopper.”

The limo-style service can be ordered by High There users in the Denver area absolutely free of charge, reports The Verge. And it is all in accordance with Colorado law, which allows “marijuana [to be] consumed in the rear passenger area” of a private vehicle. Front-seat passengers and drivers for obvious reasons cannot partake in the drug. High There claims that its well-ventilated and partitioned Hopper buses guarantee that the driver does not get a contact high.

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Now that your safety is ensured, you may be wondering what exactly you can do on The Hopper. Basically, hang out with other smokers and engage in some “mind-blowing” conversation. Whilst you and your newfound buddies hit a bong in the back seat, the driver will make stops to collect other passengers, and at local dispensaries and restaurants (allowing the passengers to stock up on much needed supplies and munchies).

According to High There’s co-founder Darren Roberts, the app has “established itself as not only a leader in technology, but also as the only responsible social network in the industry.”

“The Hopper combines these two elements of innovative tech, and social responsibility, to create a killer utility that we know cannabis consumers in Denver will gravitate to as a fun and responsible way to meet people and consume,” Roberts tells The Verge.

If you’re in Denver and fancy a ride on The Hopper all you have to do is download the High There app and follow the bus. You can then show your app to board.

The app’s plan is to roll out the service to more states (assuming they proceed to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, of course) over the coming months.

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