HuffPost Live lets anyone be a news pundit

huffpost live

Welcome to the new era of the Huffington Post. Beginning at 10 AM EST today, and every weekday from here until eternity, the Huffington Post will be streaming news from HuffPost Live, a social video platform that invites user participation, making this the first truly social news network created for the Web.

When you browse HuffPost Live, you’ll notice that the platform is unlike other streaming video news sites, like those that CNN or Bloomberg offer. Half of HuffPost Live’s landing page is taken up by a section dedicated to comments where the Huffington Post audience can chime in through standard comments, tweets, or even via live Web cam through Huffington Post-dedicated Google+ Hangouts.

To get in on the conversation, you must click on the bright red, “Join This Segment” button, provide a 140 character (or fewer) “pitch” to Huffington Post on what makes your point of view a valuable contribution to the current topic’s discussion, input your contact information, and finally, record yourself discussing what you would want to say if asked to provide commentary on HuffPost Live. 

Below the video stream, HuffPost Live provides links to various sources relevant to the topic discussed for the segment. Surprisingly, many of the resources featured link back to non-Huffington Post articles. For example “The Article That Inspired the Segment” on today’s mortgages and home ownership portion of the programming was inspired by Rolling Stone Politics.

With ten hosts and a rotation of bloggers, contributors, and editors, HuffPost live will be running twelve hours a day, with the exception of the weekends — eight hours from New York and four hours from Los Angeles. The highlights from the segments will be rebroadcast overnight and during the weekends.

At the helm this project is Roy Sekoff, Founding Editor of Huffington Post, and co-creator of HuffPost Live.

In pure Huffington Post style, the length of the daily content is dictated primarily by the sheer volume of content that HuffPost Live can churn out for rebroadcasting, and for generating sources and link-backs that will be included in Huffington Post stories.

“We want to be there when things are happening [and] we want to be able to churn out material. Every time we do a live segment, we’re clipping. We’re taking the best things that come up, and we’re embedding them in HuffPost stories,” Sekoff told AllThingsD.

And of course at the end of the day, the volume of content is financially motivated for Huffington Post to attract additional advertising partners. HuffPost Live’s opening partners are Cadillac and Verizon.

Edit: In an earlier version of the article we wrote that Mercedes Benz is a HuffPost Live launch partner. Cadillac, not Mercedes Benz, is the HuffPost Live launch partner.