Infographic: SXSW 2012’s most buzzed about people, events and start-ups

sxsw infographic tracx

South by South West has propelled start-ups, including Twitter and Foursquare, into the forefront of the consumer’s minds, while repeatedly proving to be a prime conference for networking among professionals. With SXSW winding down, tracx, a social media management system, drafted an informative infographic presenting all you need to know about SXSW’s social networking scene. Think of it as a refresher or an idea board for the next time you plan a flight to Austin for SXSW.

To no one’s surprise, Twitter claims the crown as the social network most-often used. Of course, today, if you’re not on Twitter, it must be said that SXSW Interactive will be lost on you.

The more important information for individuals is of course a listing of the most influential socially active individuals, with Tim O’Reilly of O’Reilly Media in first, followed by influential entrepreneur and Stanford professor, Steve Blank, and rounded out by none other than Robert Scoble. If you’re ever hosting an SXSW event, these three are the top social influencers to put on your radar.

Further down the infographic lists the most successful brands and campaigns, and should inspire your next SXSW event. Not surprisingly, the most controversial campaign, “Homeless Hotspots,” which connected devices with 4G MiFi by way of homeless wanderers, made it onto the “Most Successful Brands & Campaigns List.” What should be noted is that the negative sentiment following the campaign overwhelmed the positive sentiment. Then again, some may argue that any press is good press.

As expected, social ambient networking apps, Highlight, Glancee and Sonar respectively have garnered the title of “This Year’s Top Three New Start Ups” according to tracx’s social buzz index.

Rounding out the infographic is a handful of party-related highlights, from the most buzzed about alcohols to the hottest SXSW parties.

You can check out the infographic below:

 tracx sxsw 2012 infographic