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Instagram’s new camera feature, Create Mode, isn’t for taking photos or video


Instagram’s camera is getting an upgrade — but not for taking pictures. During the annual F8 conference on April 30, Instagram shared an upcoming new design for the camera mode. The update brings a Create Mode that allows users to share information without having to start by taking a photo or video. Instagram also shared details on a new shopping tool, fundraising efforts, and a test to eliminate the like counts.

Sometime in the next few weeks, an Instagram update will bring a new design to Instagram’s built-in camera. The update features the new Create Mode, which allows users to use effects and stickers, but doesn’t require starting out with a photo or a video. Instead, users start from scratch on a blank canvas and add stickers and other effects.

Instagram users can soon shop for fashion directly from an Instagram photo, thanks to a new tool that allows creators to tag a product directly in a post. Instagram says the tool will begin public testing next week with a small group of influencers. The update is designed to allow users to shop for the apparel spotted in an Instagram post. Instagram says the update allows users to find the item without searching from the details in the caption, Direct Messaging, the user sharing the post, or a screenshot of the image.

Similar to Instagram checkout, which was announced last month, the update allows users to shop without leaving the social platform. The test will begin running in the next few weeks and include a select group of influencers from Kylie Jenner to Vogue. Those participating in the test are also part of the test for the in-app checkout.

Parent company Facebook is also bringing its fundraising tools to the image-focused social media network. Users in the U.S. can now add a donation sticker to Stories. Instagram says that 100 percent of the money brought in from the sticker will go directly to the cause the user selected while adding the sticker. The feature adds a “donate” button to images and video inside Stories.

During F8, Facebook also confirmed the previously rumored test to eliminate the like counts from viewers feeds. The test will keep the like counts intact, but will no longer show them to followers. With the test, only the user that shared the post will see how many heart clicks the photo or video garnered.

The update comes along with a list of new features for Facebook, Messenger, and Oculus that were also announced during Facebook’s F8 conference in San Jose, California.

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