This is where to check out the world’s best New Year’s Eve photos on Instagram

instagram new years eve

If there’s a day for sharing photos on Instagram, it’s New Year’s Eve, with its ball drops and fireworks shooting into the night sky. Instagram apparently knows this, and has launched its own feed of New Year’s photos on

Of course, many countries have already ushered in 2013, which you can track on Instagram’s New Year’s Eve feed. At the bottom of the New Year’s Eve page, a scrollable navigation bar segmented into time zones (UTCs) tells you which countries are about to celebrate the beginning of the new year. Clicking on one of these time zones opens up the photos for a glimpse of how international users are celebrating. You can also open up the photos displayed on the page in a new window, and like and comment on each photo.

Instagram launched its Web profiles back in November to the cheers of users – and now they’re coming in to good use, as each photo featured on the NYE page links to the profile of the mobile photographer who snapped the pic. The NYE page is also Instagram’s first public curated “topic” page, which have thus far been the domain of third-party platforms that use Instagram hashtags to curate images. Storify, which relies on Twitter and Instagram to create topic pages, may have some competition now that Instagram shows signs of creating event-specific pages.

That said, Instagram still needs to refine the tech powering the New Year’s Eve topic page. From what we can tell, keywords are being used to figure out what the image is about, which leads to some inaccuracies. In our tests, the term “welcome,” for instance, surfaced an image of a pomegranate, which clearly has absolutely nothing to do with New Year’s Eve. Other photos of food curiously made appearances on the NYE page as well.

Regardless of the minor glitches, Instagram’s New Year’s Eve page is a fun, global way to celebrate the start of 2013. Happy New Year!