Instagram is mobile-only no more as it continues to build for the Web with new profile badges

instagram web badges

Instagram is celebrating a milestone with what may seem like a trivial update. But the release of Instagram badges is yet another Web-based move for the mobile-first platform. 

The badges are widgets coming in an assortment of sizes that can be embedded into any website, blog, or online Web presence so that users can “showcase your brand and the content you share on Instagram.” There have been plenty of third party options for creating these widgets, but now that native Web profiles have been introduced, Instagram is following suit with its own in-house badges. 

To implement a badge, Instagram outlined the steps in a blog post:

“First, make sure you are logged in online to the brand or business account and navigate to the Badges page by one of the following methods:

Visit your Instagram web profile page. Click on your username to access the drop down menu and choose “Badges”


From there, simply select the badge you’d like to use, copy the code and paste it into your site.”

Of course users and brands can still elect to use their own customized Instagram badges, but the official badges are a quick, easy way to bring traffic back to your Instagram page – something that’s working in the platform’s favor.

When we asked Instagram why it was just finally getting around to adding the feature, Amy Cole, Head of Business Operations at Instagram, offered the following: “We’re excited to launch Instagram badges today to make it even easier for people to find the Instagram profiles that they care about. Brands, businesses, and public figures have been asking us for badges for a long time. Now that Instagram Web profiles are available to everyone, it made sense for us to launch badges and give people a way to easily access the profiles from other sites across the web.”

Recent events like the presidential election and Hurricane Sandy have put Instagram even more on the map and solidified as a social force. Instagram has also been embraced as one of the social networks that’s central to users online lives, and it’s easily one of the most beloved communities. And with a quiet tip-toe into Web, the formerly mobile-only network is ready to prove its prowess on and off the smartphone.