Facebook login is quickly conquering the Internet as the de facto account sign-up service

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If you’re online enough, the Internet just starts feeling like one big sign-up process; there’s always some new platform to check out, or some site that requires a login. And instead of exhausting ourselves with new accounts, we just hit “Sign up with Facebook” and continue on our merry ways – and more and more of us are doing exactly that, more and more often. 

According to consumer engagement platform Gigya, a hefty chunk of Internet users prefer to link new accounts from various websites to their Facebook accounts, which they use on a regular basis. Gigya provides social login services to various big name brands, including Nike, Pepsi, and the NFL, and the data they’ve recently released is based on how their clients’ users behave. Using over 700 clients’ login statistics from April to June of this year, the company was able to clearly see how most consumers utilize their user profiles, depending on what site or app they were checking out.

Gigya social login chart

When it comes to social login preferences, Facebook-associated sign-ups dominate with 52 percent – no surprise there. It is, however, a revelation how social sites like Google+ and Yahoo are experiencing a spike in related logins, doing fairly well at 24 and 17 percent respectively. And despite being a household name in the social media scene, Twitter bags a meager four percent of the social login business.

And just to prove that Facebook has got every other social network beat in terms of user-site relationship, it dominates other consumer categories as well. A staggering 79 percent use Facbook to log into online shopping outlets and blows every other social login out of the water. The same is true when it comes to consumer brands, travel websites, and educational and non-profit factions online.

There are many benefits to being the go-to outside app for sign-ups, chief among them being relevancy. If you’ve tied your Facebook account to a variety of logins for other platforms, it means you’re more likely to keep your Facebook. Having to go back and create new accounts or replace your sign-in information is a chore – why not just keep Facebook and carry on? 

Facbook’s dominance over social logins bodes well for the company, especially with regard to its mobile efforts. Gigya reportedly pegs Facebook’s piece of the mobile login action at 66 percent, and pretty much everywhere else in the world where Facebook use is  rampant, users are comfortable associating most of their Web activity with the social network. 

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