Is a Google redesign in the works?

google search interface upgradeA video published by Tecno-net shows what appears to be a new Google Search interface. The look is reminiscent of many of the Google product overhauls we’ve seen since Google+: horizontal text and a simplified format — it’s extremely similar to the mobile version UI.

The biggest change is a bar under the search field displaying sections, which mimics the black navigation bar we’ve seen implemented over Google sites lately, directing us to Gmail, Maps, Drive, Google+, and so on.

The makeover clearly resembles the recent Google+ interface upgrade, which translates to white space upon white space upon white space. So what’s all that white space for? It’s possible Google wants to make more room for ads, but that seems too simple. Maybe the next step is to implement Google+, inviting it to be a central hub for our every Google query and activity. It would certainly increase the user numbers and activities on the struggling social site. And it wouldn’t be all that surprising, given how Google has issued various attempts to increase Google+’s reach.

This is an experimental design change, so it’s unknown whether or not we’ll ever see this display. But it certainly follows in Google’s recent interface changes. The obvious and easy complaint is to point out that white space and complain about how it’s a waste of space for widescreen displays — but an eventual integration of Google+ goodness seems incredibly likely; and for better or worse, it’d fill up some of the white void.