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Infinite scroll not enough? New Pinterest feature will get you even more hooked

just case infinite scrolling wasnt enough pinterest adds new feature thatll get even hooked related pins

There’s a reason why Pinterest is worth $3.8 billion, and it’s hugely due to the fact that perusing home decorating tips, pretty gowns, travel photos, complicated craft projects, cute animals, and dessert recipes has proven very addictive. And yes, social media anxiety disorder is a real thing and if you’re not careful, you might go bonkers with the sensory overload. In the hopes of aiding its fan base, well-known enabler Pinterest has added a function to “make things a little easier.”

Beginning today, Pinterest will be rolling out a feature called “related Pins.” If you find yourself suddenly out of things to file on your “Stuff I Want But Can’t Pull Off” board, or if you’re tired of repinning one account’s entries all the time, then you will appreciate this as a cure to your momentary indecisiveness. Related Pins will be based on your likes and preferences and will most likely be related to the Pins you’ve already Liked or saved before, boards you follow, or websites you’ve recently visited. So if you’re currently pinning costume ideas for Halloween, Pinterest may offer you a Pin for a do-it-yourself Internet meme costume or a burn victim makeup tutorial.

You will be able to tell if a post is a Related Pin through an “i” icon that will appear on the bottom-right corner.

pinterest related pins 2

If you give the Pin a thumbs up, Pinterest will take it as a sign that you like this type of content and will provide similar ones in the future. If you give it a thumbs down, the Related Pin will be removed and Pinterest will refrain from showing you posts like it.

And thus, the obsessive spiraling into Pinterestdom continues. 

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