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Keep your collection bin of reactionary GIFs up-to-date with this new Chrome extension

keep your collection bin of reactionary gifs up to date with this new chrome extension gifme final

Great news, GIF lovers (meaning, everyone): Although it’s been a pretty cool and easy last couple of months since Google made it possible to find animated GIFs through Image Search, now you won’t need to keep coming back to type out keywords, and you won’t need to crowd your already-bursting GIF folder on your machine’s hard drive. There’s a new Chrome browser extension called that will allow you to keep track of any animated GIF you found online that you fancy… and all it takes is one click!

Here’s how you hook it up

You can install the extension by heading over to the official website and clicking the banner at the bottom.

gifme install

Once you click it, a pop-up will emerge. Click add.

gifme install 2

You’ll know if installation is a success if the banner updates to “Thanks for installing! Enjoy!” You will also see the red ‘G’ icon on the upper-right corner of your Chrome browser. Click on the icon and provide a username and password to sign up and start using

gifme install 3

That’s it! Now every time you visit a website and you see an animated GIF you’d like to keep, you can right-click over the image and choose GIF ME from the menu. Afterwards, you will find the saved GIF under the folder (the red ‘G’ icon on the upper-right, remember?), right from within your browser window.

gifme right click

Each animated GIF you save into the folder will allow you to copy its source link when you hover over it, making it quick and easy for you to source. When you begin building a sizable GIF library, you also have the option to add tags to the images you save so later on, whenever you feel like words aren’t enough to convey your emotion, a quick type in the search and you’re good to go.

Now go get on Giphy or any of your online haunts, save all your favorite images, and be  at peace knowing that all the GIFs you would ever need in life are but a browser icon away.

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