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Kim Kardashian posts underwear selfie on Instagram (to promote a book, of course)

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Kim Kardashian has a new book called Selfish. It’s now on sale, and Kardashian’s already well underway in promoting it. If you’re a normal author, you’d do a book tour or book a few interviews to make the buying public aware of your new tome. If you’re Kim Kardashian, you simply get on Instagram, take off most of your clothes, and post some racy pics to a worldwide audience.

Welcome to the Kim K. way of doing things.

Taken over this past weekend, the reality TV starlet—who first came to prominence thanks to a sex tape she made with musician Ray J—posted two selfies on Instagram that showed her in nothing but a bra and panties.

The first selfie shows the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” fixture from the midriff up, cleavage popping, and looking down at her smartphone. Paired with an update that featured the hashtag “SELFISH,” the image serves to entice Instagram followers with the promise that there are plenty more naughty pictures in her new book.

The second selfie is a bit more risqué, and shows Kardashian from the neck down in just her bra and panties, kneeling on a bed. Again, the image is paired with the hashtag “SELFISH.”

The reaction to the Instagram selfies is mixed, to say the least. Some followers are complimenting her on her body and others are scolding her for posting racy pictures while being a mother who has a young child at home.

The socialite is no stranger to criticism from all corners. PETA recently went after her for stressing out a dolphin by having it pull her around a pool. Social media sites are also a hotbed of anti-Kardashian attacks, with Pinterest featuring a board titled “I Hate Kim kardashian” and Twitter users blasting her parenting skills.

All in all, Kardashian has been effective at promoting her brand, with her “sex sells” advertising approach being used successfully throughout the years. These latest naughty selfies will bring further attention to her new book, and they’ll probably also help her sell a few more copies, too.

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