Klout adds Facebook Pages into its social influence measurement mix

klout scoring facebook pages

Following Klout’s partnership with Bing, the social influence metrics site has announced it will now score Facebook Pages, which should boost the Klout score for many brands.

Klout explained in its blog post that scoring Facebook brand pages was the most requested feature, and starting today, brands and companies will be able to connect their Facebook Pages to their Klout profiles. After implementing the new integration, users should see their Klout scores reflect their Facebook Page connection within 24 to 48 hours.

A significant chunk of social media marketing activity revolves around Facebook Pages, and all that activity will finally be accounted for on Klout. As an example, Klout says a Facebook Page with 13,000 people talking about it will have a score between approximately 70 to 80. In fact, Klout has released a graph (below) of how many interactions on average on a Page would be required to achieve or maintain a certain score.

klout score vs facebook engagement

So with these figures in mind, Klout estimates that an average of seven points will be added to a brand’s score, granted all other connected accounts hold steady. However those with scores lower than 45 to 50 might not see any bump at all. According to the graph below, scores between the 45 and 50 mark could actually be hurt by connecting Klout with the Facebook Page. It makes sense: The lower the Klout score, the less likely it is that people are talking about a brand’s Page than compared to those with higher scores. It means, essentially, a brand may not have enough social juice over on Facebook to warrant any increase in its Klout score. 

klout score vs number of users

For now, only one Facebook account can be linked to a single Klout account, so users with personal and professional Facebook Pages will have to choose with they connect. “You may see a Score drop if you replace an influential personal Facebook profile with a less influential Facebook Page,” Klout explained in its blog post.

The process of connecting a Facebook Page can be found in Klout’s step-by-step guide.