Kred Rewards finds the right person for the right prize with targeted freebies

Kred Rewards Mockup - SOL REPUBLIC

Kred today announced the launch of “Kred Rewards,” a rewards program for Kred influencers that lets brands target Kred influencers with free gifts. The program’s prizes are claimable regardless of your Kred score, as long friends or Twitter followers tweet about the prize on your behalf.

Like its better-known competitor Klout, Kred is a tool to score an individual or brand’s influence based on their social-media presence on places like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Both sites boils down a number of factors to a single score that allegedly represents how influential a person is in the social media world.

Kred’s announcement of “Rewards” follows in the footsteps of its competitor, Klout, which only months before announced Klout Perks, its own loyalty reward program that connects brands with users. Kred intends to distinguish its rewards program with the targeting: Brands offering promotions on Kred Rewards will know exactly to whom they’re sending the rewards. They can target specific influencers based on keywords, connections, locations and common interests of a target community. Klout on the other hand, essentially allows just about anyone who meets the minimum Klout score requirement to claim a brand’s prize.

Among the first partners in this program include SOL REPUBLIC, popchips, Zinio, AVG Technologies and .CO Internet, with more partners being announced in the coming weeks.

Each has different criteria for its prizes. For instance, .CO Internet, the organization responsible for the .CO domain, will target Kred influencers in the categories of “Social Media” and those that share a common interest in “Technology” to offer these individuals a free 12-month .CO registration.

“Kred Rewards gives us a unique opportunity to identify and engage with individuals that are on the cutting-edge of technology and social media,” said Linda Koritkoski, Director of Marketing for .CO Internet. “Our goal is to have the future of the Internet built on .CO, and Kred Rewards will help us to reach the people and businesses that are doing just that.”

Zinio, a digital newsstand for magazines, will be offering free subscriptions to its participating magazines, with the hope that the influential recipients of these magazines will discuss their products and brand with their followers.

What does this mean for users? It’s time to think about bolstering your Kred and Klout scores, as these aggregated numbers are beginning to identify individuals both in the digital world and in real life. One indication of the crossover into the real world is Cathay Pacific’s exclusive lounge at San Francisco International Airport, reserved for visitors with Klout scores above 40. As brands and marketers look toward streamlining their targeting efforts and seeking out influencers, which can now be done using Klout or Kred, an individual’s score may become increasingly relevant.


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