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Drink up and log in: Livr is the (fake) social network you need booze to use

livr wants social network drinkers app

Ed. update: Gizmodo dug into this boozy product, and found that at least one of the “co-founders” of Livr is an actor, not an entrepreneur. In other words, Livr is almost certainly a hoax – a hoax just believable enough to get our thirsty hopes up. All of which is to say, someone get on making this product a reality right now! Let us know once you do. We’ll be waiting at the bar.

Original story:

Finally, there’s a social network designed specifically for drunk people. Facebook has always been too risky a venture for those times when we’ve knocked back a few. But now Livr, a social network aimed at drinkers, hopes to be your new best friend.

Gaining access to Livr is rather interesting: You blow into a breathalyzer dongle that attaches to either your iOS or Android device. If you fail the breathalyzer test, you gain entry to Livr; if you don’t, you’ll need at least one more shot of Jaegermeister. The thinking here is that sober folks shouldn’t be able to just pop in and gawk at the debauchery.

Once you gain entry, there are several things you can do, one of which is playing a crowdsourced game of truth or dare. In addition, you can “drunk dial” any other Livr users. If you need to know whether there are after-hours places still serving, there is a section within the app that will point you toward them.

Perhaps Livr’s best feature, however, is its ability to reset and wipe out everything you did that evening; cleverly, the developers dubbed it the “Blackout” button. If you so choose, you can even have a morning report sent to you for those times when you did something you want to share with friends.

“Livr is a community of people who want to live life honestly and have a great time doing it,” said Livr founder Kyle Addison. According to Addison, people censor themselves in social media in order to be looked at as a “perfect person,” but with Livr, both Addison and co-founder and head of programming Avery Platz hope to allow people to not censor themselves.

We love this novel and humorous idea, but we don’t yet know when Livr will be available or how much the breathalyzer dongle will cost. Addison and Platz hope to gain investors by going to South by Southwest, which launched today in Austin, Texas.

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