Marissa Mayer is personally going to see to it that you use My Yahoo, one retweet at a time

marissa mayer is going to get you back on my yahoo one rt at a time

Yahoo’s descent into relative Internet oblivion and its subsequent resurfacing onto the tech scene thanks to new CEO and former Google Marissa Mayer has been much-documented. The company hasn’t been shy or subtle about rediscovering itself and trying to win back the hearts and minds of Web users. 

Yahoo’s been trying to elbow its way back into our good graces in a series of big moves: The Tumblr buy-out, the logo redesign, mobile app updates, and a flurry of acqui-hires. But now, the renovation is taking a decidedly more desperate turn as Mayer appears to be retweeting My Yahoo back into our collective consciousness.

A little background: My Yahoo is Yahoo’s personalized homepage product that has long sat stagnant. But no more, as the company just announced (complete with a GIF, because Yahoo’s cool like that now) a huge makeover.

“It’s now easier to organize and discover your favorite parts of the Web, all in one beautiful place,” homepage SVP Mike Kerns says in a statement. “The refreshed design gives you a sleek, tailor-made starting page to access your email accounts, calendars, stock portfolio, sports scoreboard, weather, Flickr, and of course your favorite content – from Yahoo and around the Web.” The update includes themes from designers including Rachel Zoe and Oscar de la Renta – pretty classy stuff.

In all honesty, the new My Yahoo is a streamlined, good-looking personal homepage option – arguably one of the better ones out there.
However, this Yahoo-branded Internet one-stop is a (prettier) version of the product Google recently decided we weren’t using enough when it killed off iGoogle. (Though, there was some lamenting the death of iGoogle, so maybe Yahoo will swoop in and reclaim those personal homepage-loving souls – Yahoo’s even provided a way to import your old iGoogle.)

But the interesting part of the new My Yahoo isn’t really My Yahoo – it’s how Marissa Mayer is personally winning its users: By retweeting them. That’s right, if you @ message Mayer saying, for a humble RT, that you will make My Yahoo your homepage, she might very well deliver.

The usually tweety-shy Mayer has been on a roll this morning with the campaign. 

mm retweets
mm retweets 2

Is it desperation or just a tongue-in-cheek effort?

The whole thing just once again epitomizes the Internet’s new relationship with Yahoo: Even with all the refreshes, and the bold new looks, and the Tumblring, and the new “we’re cool again!” attitude, we just can’t help but mock it a little bit. In fact, I’m adding fuel to the fire: 

Thankfully, it appears Mayer gets the Internet’s gentle cruelty and appreciates the Twitter riffing.

mm thanks

And hey, if these retweet-loving users follow through, that’s got to at least double the amount of My Yahoo users out there.

(Just kidding.)

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