Matt Harding, programmer turned Internet icon, dances around the world (again)

slovakia dancing Matt Harding

Matt Harding was a former software developer for Activision before he left his career to dance around the world in every country he could think of. We came to know his adventure as “Where the Hell is Matt?” After a two-year, four-month and 12-day trip around the world, and a four-year hiatus since his last video, Matt is back with his new video, “Where the Hell is Matt? 2012.”

Harding’s dancing videos, for which he became an Internet sensation for, began with Dancing 2006, in which he was the lone dancer throughout the video. He then followed up his first video with Dancing 2008. Collectively, his videos have amassed just over 60 million views and were sponsored by Stride Gum.

Wednesday, Harding finally followed up with the anticipated release of the 2012 video. At the beginning of his 2012 dancing video, set to music composed by Garry Schyman and sung by Alicia Lemke, he jumps into a small group of natives in Kigali, Rwanda. But as the video plays on, it’s evident that he has scaled the participation to involve, collectively, thousands upon thousands of participants from Egypt, China, Finland, Columbia, Pakistan, Rwanda, North Korea, and many other countries, before he finishes his dancing journey back at home with his wife and his new baby on his shoulders in Seattle, Washington.

While his galloping style of dancing was his trademark in his first two videos, his latest effort involves extra moves and even dancing to the native country’s dancing styles. It also provides a chance to donate to the various charity organizations throughout the world including the Yaowawit School Kapong (the Thailand dancing scene), American Voices (the Iraq dancing scene), Amnesty International (Syria dancing scene) and others.

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