MTV launches Music Meter, a music discovery tool

mtv music meterInstead of relying solely on conventional metrics such as CD sales or radio play, Music Meter ranks the top 100 artists based on their social media buzz.

Each listed artist is featured in a widget-like box with a drop-down menu that offers links to preview and purchase songs, as well as tabs with videos, photos, tweets, news stories and a bio. There’s also a “similar” button that will help users find other artists they might like based on those that have ranked on the chart.

Music Meter aims to help visitors discover new music, not just listening to the artists getting heavy radio play.

“We have a long history at MTV of locking arms with artists in the beginning of their careers and providing them with an opportunity to grow their audience base,” says MTV spokesperson Kurt Patat. “And you have lots of chances to discover music by Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, so when we were thinking about what we wanted the Music Meter to be, we thought of it as a discovery tool people can come to and find new music.”

So, despite the viral strength of the Lady Gaga’s and Justin Bieber’s of the world, you won’t find many of those chart kings and queens at the top of the Music Meter (though you can search for them if you want and get all the same details). Instead, it’s an eclectic mix of artists known and lesser known whose sounds people are digging at this moment.

“MTV has played the role of curator for a long time and with so much music out there and everyone having access to thousands of songs, sometimes it’s hard to know what to listen to,” he explains. “So we’re giving you what the world is saying is cool and allowing you to discover much more from there.”