MTV launching artist platform to unify musicians’ online music presence

mtv artistsMTV is looking to get back to where it once belonged with an upcoming plan for online music. A new music site, Artists.MTV, will be stepping into the Myspace realm by giving artists and bands their own personal pages.

Currently, MTV has 10,000 automatically generated artist pages, which it says will be a simpler way for musicians to “cut through all the Internet noise and speak directly to all of their potential fans.” The pages are intended to be pro-artist; musicians will be able to claim and customize these pages by uploading music, videos, photos and synching their various social accounts. Aritsts update on Facebook or Twitter, and that update can automatically ship on over to Artists.MTV.

On May 1, 10,000 will expand to over 1 million when MTV opens up a private beta for artists. The service will be for both musical stars and indie artists who will be able to tap into MTV’s network of 60 million digital fans. Each month, through a program called Full Frontal, certain artists will be chosen to be spotlighted across MTV’s channels (e.g. MTV, VH1, CMT).

“There is infinite choice out there, but with this artist platform, we want to provide a meaningful road map for consumers to weed through the chaos, and discover the musical gems that should break through,” said Viacom’s Music Group president, Van Toffler.

Besides the central presence, and the name promotion, MTV is also waving dollars in front of artists’ faces. In a partnership with Topspin artists both large and small will be able to generate some revenue by selling their music and any other merchandise. Though this is a revenue sharing deal, MTV claims artists will get the majority. Is this another outlet for weary artists to juggle, or does this have the potential to be a unifying presence and give MTV a chance to get into a changing industry?